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If you're anything like me, you probably spend a substantial amount of time working in Excel. The results of your efforts are probably beautiful and useful Excel worksheets. From time-to-time, you probably share the results of your work in Excel with others.

Printing Method in Excel VBA

Printing an Excel file may be the last step you take prior to distributing your work. Knowing how to appropriately set up and print your files is, therefore, very important.

You probably don't want to cause a bad impression simply because your file doesn't print properly. Correctly setting up and printing your Excel files takes some time. The good news is that you can easily automate most of these activities using VBA. And if that's your purpose, then this VBA Tutorial is likely to be of help. My purpose with this blog post is to provide you with the most relevant information you need to appropriately set up your Excel files for printing and, as required, print or display a print preview.

The first section of this Tutorial introduces and explains several VBA constructs that are commonly used when printing Excel files. In the second section, I go through 2 detailed VBA code examples that you can easily adjust and start using today. Additionally, this VBA Tutorial is accompanied by an example workbook. It also has the data and worksheets that appear in the screenshots throughout this post. You can get immediate free access to this example workbook by subscribing to the Power Spreadsheets Newsletter.

Let's start by taking a very basic look at the process your VBA code usually follows when printing from Excel or displaying a print preview:. Generally, you can print or display a print preview with VBA in the following 2 easy steps :. This VBA Tutorial covers these 2 steps in detail. Let's start by looking at the VBA construct you use to print Excel worksheets, the….

The PrintOut method allows you to print the referenced object. However, you can't generally print hidden sheets. You can work with the PrintOut method at several different levels. In other words, you can refer to different objects. The object you refer to determines what Excel prints. The following are the most relevant:. Generally, the syntax and parameters are always the same.

That is regardless of the object you're printing. As shown above, PrintOut has the following 9 parameters. These arguments are optional. In some cases, the IgnorePrintAreas parameter isn't applicable.

This is the case when you apply the PrintOut method to the Window Window. PrintOutRange Range. PrintOut and Chart Chart. PrintOut objects. In such cases, the basic syntax looks roughly as follows:. You can use the From and To parameters to specify the pages that Excel prints. More precisely, you can specify the following:.Debug Print is one of the useful tool presented in the VBA editor to figure out how a program is working and it helps to analyze the changes in the values of variables created in the VBA program.

It shows the output of the immediate window when we run the program without any bugs. It eliminates the need for clicking the OK button every time and displays the log of returned output values to the immediate windows. It saves a lot of time of users. The present article explains the use of excel VBA Debug Print with many examples and explaining how to use it covering the following things. The print is helpful in display message and asserts in helpful in the evaluation of the conditions.

In VBA, debug. These do not need any acknowledgment or confirmation and do not show any effect on the code developed. It is safe and best to use in the code in the situation to facilitating access to many users. These are just helpful in testing or evaluation of the code to confirm that it is working properly or not.

Printing the variables, strings, numbers, array, values in excel sheets, and empty and active sheets. VBA debug. It is the best and alternative approach to show the output. As shown in the example, all the variables are separated with commas. This statement is able to transfer the output to the immediate window even in the case of a window is not opened.

It does not stop running the code as in Msgbox. This flexibility supports continuous monitoring of the changes in the output with respect to changes in the code. The variables count, sum, average, and standard deviation are displayed in the same line with equal space among them. If Immediate Window is not opened, follow the following steps to see the output.

First, go to the Developer tabclick on Macros and create a macro to write the code in the VBA and add a name to it. As shown in the screenshot, three dimensions or variables are decreased as X, Y, and Z as an integer, string, and Double respectively. To print these values Debug. This example illustrates the use of VBA debug print to display output to a file when the length of the text is too high.

In this program, two variables called S and Num are considered as a string and integer respectively. The open statement is used to create a text file with the name test. When you run the VBA code manually or using F5 key then, the output is written into the immediate window and file at a time is shown in folder.Here is a large examples of print Worksheets use Excel VBA, Before you read this tutorial, you may need to know the difference between Worksheets and Sheets.

Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Is there any way to read the response returned from the PrintPreview dialog screen. Appreciate any help. Then E1 in next row. Then F1 in next row, on a small sized paper. This way I want to print rows 1,2,3…etc. How can I do that in Excel ? Thank you. How to print data from only one worksheet to Text file and I need to insert the VB in another sheet.

Actually by using macros i have prepared progress cards. Writing manually is time consuming, but there is solution for this. I would like to know how to print Sheet 1 from multiple workbooks, rotate the page landscape, set the shaded are now in green to none but leaving the header the way it is in gray.

The columns to prints start at A1 thru J to run for however many rows are in the worksheet. I print these files every so often but I can figure it out how to run a macro to do all of these at once. Why would you leave out a way to print only visible worksheets?

Not hidden. Not hidden plus visible. Just the tabs that are visible. This is a waste of my life here. Ihave a hidden sheet called printout and I use this code to print it. Thanks In Advance GT. Visible xlSheetVisible Then Application.

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excel vba print

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excel vba print

Thread starter scotawful Start date Mar 24, Joined Mar 6, Messages Dear Excel Guru's, I've got a delimma here. I've got a customized print macro that uses a userform to display all pages in a workbook that 1: have information on them and 2: are not hidden. The user simply checks off the sheets they want to print via checkboxes in the list, and then clicks "print".

What I'd like to do is also give the user the option to check off which printer they'd like the job to be sent to, as we've got about 5 different printers here each with their own area of specialty. This may sound redundant with the already built-in print menu for excel, but the utility of this menu here has become pretty important.

I'm just looking for a snippet of code to get me off the ground on this one: something that detects the installed printing devices on the PC, if possible???? Some videos you may like. Excel Facts. Will the fill handle fill 1, 2, 3?All of us know that Microsoft Excel is used for creating formulae, easy calculation, multiple databases.

Many of such data is used by large organizations in their day to day work. In the world of computers and the internet, everything is digitized. However, we frequently use the Print function for taking out hard copies of the data and working upon it. Have we ever thought about how to create an automated Print format for any workbook? We are very well aware of the Print function which forms part of tab File — Print.

However, today we will learn to insert the print function but with the help of VBA. To make our understanding better we have explained the process with the help of different examples to use VBA Print. Watch our Demo Courses and Videos. We have the following data of several companies with details of Revenue, Expenses, Profit and percentage of profit on Revenue.

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Like the above, we have such options in VBA also, with advanced features. It is called VBA Print. A Macro is generally created for ease of access to data. It is usually created as a shortcut to a large volume of data.

excel vba print

Once the Macro is created we can proceed with creating the Print option. Do as follows. The function is written as follows:. Step 6 : The first command is the source data which we have mentioned as Macro1. But we can also modify the details like 2 or 3 copies if required.

We can customize it based on a number of copies we need to print. In the above function.

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But we can customize this option also, if necessary. Unless we enter this command, the arguments are considered incomplete. In case we do not enter the above-mentioned command, the following message displays while execution—. As soon as we press the Execution command, the document area is automatically taken to the Printer for Printing. This helps us in looking at the data, as to how it will appear at the time of Print, before moving ahead with the execution. To explain the Print preview function in VBA, we have used the same data as used in the previous example as follows:.

Step 3 : Run this code by hitting F5 directly or manually hitting the Run button on the upper left panel. As soon as we execute the command, the following screen automatically appears. I hope we now have a better understanding and implementation of the function. Here we discuss how to use Print Function in Excel VBA along with some practical examples and downloadable excel template. Forgot Password?

Print Worksheets VBA

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To print a sheet, you can use this kind of code assuming you know on which printer you want to print using PrintOut :. You can also read this SO thread to prevent displaying the printing dialog: How do you prevent printing dialog when using Excel PrintOut method.

Yet, take care about the performance if you really wanted to loop times. Learn more. Asked 8 years, 9 months ago. Active 3 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 19k times. Active Oldest Votes. Have you selected a default printer? PrintOut Next End Sub It printed 4 copies incrementing the value in cell A1 each time without prompting me for settings or printer selection.

excel vba print

Seyren Seyren 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. ActivePrinter Application. PrintOut Application. JMax JMax Range "A1". Value Then ActiveSheet. Alex K. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog.Have questions or feedback about Office VBA or this documentation?

Please see Office VBA support and feedback for guidance about the ways you can receive support and provide feedback. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Syntax expression. If this argument is omitted, printing starts at the beginning. To Optional Variant The number of the last page to print. If this argument is omitted, printing ends with the last page. Copies Optional Variant The number of copies to print. If this argument is omitted, one copy is printed.

Preview Optional Variant True to have Microsoft Excel invoke print preview before printing the object. False or omitted to print the object immediately. ActivePrinter Optional Variant Sets the name of the active printer.

Collate Optional Variant True to collate multiple copies. Return value Variant Remarks "Pages" in the descriptions of From and To refers to printed pages, not overall pages in the sheet or workbook. Example This example prints the active sheet. PrintOut This example prints from page 2 to page 3. Related Articles Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Is this page helpful? The number of the page at which to start printing. The number of the last page to print.

The number of copies to print. True to have Microsoft Excel invoke print preview before printing the object. True to print to a file. If PrintToFile is set to Truethis argument specifies the name of the file that you want to print to.

True to ignore print areas and print the entire object.