Rhino script syntax

Welcome to the Rhino 6 version of this page! Looking for the newer Rhino 7 WIP version? AddAlias alias, macro Add new command alias to Rhino. Command aliases can be added manually by using Rhino's Options command and modifying the contents of the Aliases tab. Parameters: alias str : Name of new command alias. Cannot match command names or existing aliases.

rhino script syntax

Example: import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs rs. AddAlias "OriginLine", "! Search paths can be added by using Rhino's Options command and modifying the contents of the files tab. Parameters: folder str : A valid folder, or path, to add. If omitted, path will be appended to the end of the search path list. AliasCount Returns number of command aliases in Rhino.

Returns: number: the number of command aliases in Rhino. Parameters: alias str : The name of an existing command alias. If omitted, the current alias macro is returned. AliasMacro alias. AliasNames Returns a list of command alias names. Returns: str: a list of command alias names. AliasNames for alias in aliases: print alias.

If omitted, the current item color is returned. GetColor oldColor if newColor is not None: rs. AppearanceColor 0, newColor rs. See Also: GetColor. AutosaveFile print "The current autosave file is", file. AutosaveInterval Will be converted to a string by most functions. BuildDate print "Rhino Build:", build.

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See Also:. ClearCommandHistory Clears contents of Rhino's command history window. You can view the command history window by using the CommandHistory command in Rhino. Returns: none. See Also: CommandHistory. All Rhino commands can be used in command scripts. The command can be a built-in Rhino command or one provided by a 3rd party plug-in. Parameters: commandString str : A Rhino command including any arguments echo bool, optional : The command echo mode True will display the commands on the commandline.

If omitted, command prompts are echoed True. A space or a new line acts like pressing at the command line.I can use rhinoscriptsyntax.

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Edit: for the insertion point in the command string you will need to convert a 3d point into a string. With Python you can actually just use str pt where pt is the 3d point.

rhino script syntax

The order in which you pass the command line arguments is critical. Thanks Mitch, this was extremely helpful! PS Is there a Rhino reference online where I can look at the arguments for different functions?

You mean the python rhinoscriptsyntax help? You need to look at this thread to set up the Dash docset so you can access the Help on Mac. Regardless of whether I input a value in the interactive box or not, none of the values get passed. No point gets chosen, the height is always the same, and the text is whatever I used for the last TextObject call.

Getting Started with semillaclipclaps.site3d for Python

You would of course need the Help to see what each of these methods wants for arguments and in what order. Unfortunately, this is normal - it simply looks like the dash version of -TextObject has not been fully implemented in Mac Rhino - there are no command line options other than the insertion point as there are in Windows Rhino. All other parameters are taken from those which are last set when you run TextObject without the dash. In Windows Rhino your script runs. Similar situaton. I am not sure what you need here - you are looking for the rhinoscriptsyntax equivalent of MeshIntersect?

There is rs. MeshMeshIntersection which returns the intersection of two mesh objects. Otherwise you can script rs. What Im trying to do is instead of picking meshes in Rhino5, I want rs. So I dont have to pick up mesh in Rhion5 and always stay in GH. So this is a Grasshopper question? Recently found rs.

Command function and thought it is so powerful. Command could do even I understand we could do the function by MeshMeshIntersection.

Thanks so much for your help as always. And I was wondering if there is a more detailed introduction about rs.

Commandwhich, at least I think, could discuss about how and what kind of commands in Rhino5 could take arguments inside rs. I would highly advise against going down this path i.

For your case have a look at these methods:. Arguments in rhinoscriptsyntax. Command Scripting. Helvetosaur March 25,pm 2.

With Python you can actually just use str pt where pt is the 3d point —Mitch. Helvetosaur March 25,pm 3. GetString "Text to insert?

2 RhinoScript Essentials

GetPoint "Text insert point? GetReal "Text height?Like conversational languages, programming languages group together in clusters. There are language families and language generations. First and second generation languages often referred to as machine-codeare most definitely not easy to understand. Just so you know the difference between second and third generation code, here is an example of second generation assembly:.

As you can see above, even assembly already makes heavy use of English vocabulary but although we are familiar with the words, it is not possible for laymen to decipher the commands. Assuming that you might be reading these pages without any prior programming experience whatsoever, I still dare guess that the following example will not give you much problems:.

Of course you might have no conception of what Array 0,0,0 actually means and you might be confused by Rhino. GetNumber 0 or IsNullbut on the whole it is pretty much the same as the English you use at the grocers:. Translating VBScript code to and from regular English should not be very difficult, at least not at this featherweight level. It is possible to convolute the code so that it becomes unreadable, but this is not something you should take pride in.

rhino script syntax

The syntax resembles English for a good reason, I suggest we stick to it. As mentioned before, there are three things the syntax has to support, and the above script uses them all:. We use flow-control in VBScript to skip certain lines of code or to execute others more than once.

rhino script syntax

We can also use flow-control to jump to different lines in our script and back again. You can add conditional statements to your code which allow you to shield off certain portions. A typical conditional statement is:. Conditional statements like this can be strung together indefinitely. We could add a maximum height as well, or a weight limitation, or a ban on spectacles or heart-conditions.

There are several loop types available but they all work more or less the same. They will be covered in detail later on. Whenever we want our code to be dynamic we have to make sure it can handle all kinds of different situations.

In order to do that we must have the ability to store variables. For instance we might want to store a selection of curves in our 3Dmodel so we can delete them at a later stage. Or perhaps our script needs to add a line from the mouse pointer to the origin of the 3D scene. Or we need to check the current date to see whether or not our software has expired. This is information which was not available at the time the script was written.The Python language is a comprehensive programming language for both Windows, Macintosh and Grasshopper platforms.


Python is meant to be a easy-to-learn language. Python is a great language for people that are not programmers and whom are just learning. A key characteristic of python is that there is very few extra characters allowing the code to be shorter and potentially easier to read. For more information on the history and development of Python, see Python programming language on Wikipedia.

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Python is open source and managed by the Python Software Foundation. These libraries allow Python to be aware of Rhino and Grasshopper:. Rhinoscript syntax is the easiest to use and learn library.

To make these methods easy-to-use, all RhinoScriptSyntax methods return simple Python variables or Python List-based data structures. Thus, once you are familiar with Python, you will be able to use any and all functions in the RhinoScriptSyntax methods library.

RhinoCommon is an extensive, low level. It is meant for more experienced programmers that would like to most extensive access to Rhino and its classes. The information in this help file pertains to the usage of the RhinoScriptSyntax libraries.

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Additional support for Python in Rhino can be obtained from the following resources. Welcome to the Rhino 6 version of this page! Looking for the newer Rhino 7 WIP version?

Creating Macros

Introduction The Python language is a comprehensive programming language for both Windows, Macintosh and Grasshopper platforms. These libraries allow Python to be aware of Rhino and Grasshopper: Geometry Commands Document objects Application methods Rhinoscript syntax is the easiest to use and learn library.

Getting help The information in this help file pertains to the usage of the RhinoScriptSyntax libraries.You can create macros in Rhino to automate many tasks, customize your commands, and improve your workflow. It has been used to describe both the process of writing macros - what this section is about - as well as writing more sophisticated scripts in either RhinoScriptPythonor other programming languages.

The two things are actually very different. Writing functions in RhinoScript, Python or other programming languages is a lot more complex than creating macros, and requires some programming knowledge and skills. We don't cover that here.

This is scripting on its simplest of levels, and is easily accessible to the average Rhino user, even if they have no knowledge of programming. All you need is a reasonable understanding of Rhino commands and their structure, as well as a logical mind and a taste for a little experimentation and debugging. First, if you are a user of Rhino, you are already a macro user even though you may not know it.

When you click a toolbar button or call a command from the menu, it is often a preset macro. It just calls the ExtrudeCrv command and sets it to make a closed solid. Check out the macros under all the ExtrudeCrv buttons to see how they are laid out. This scripting of options for a single command can also be combined with data entry i. It is also possible to string together several commands in a row, for an automated sequence of events to manipulate or create objects.

Say you have to place a series of 10x10x10 boxes with the center of the bottom face landing at the desired point, with that point to be specified by either by a mouse click at the desired location or by entering the coordinates by the keyboard.

To have the insertion point where we want, it is easier to use the Box, Center command.

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This is in reality just the Box command with the center option, so you will have to activate it in your macro. This is actually the macro under the Box, Center button if you check. All entries command words and numerical inputs need to be separated by a single space. Now, we need to specify the center point. To do this, you need to tell Rhino to stop processing the command temporarily and wait for an input in the form of a click or a keyboard entry.

Do this by inserting the command Pause.All Rhino commands can be used in command macros. Command macros can be run by typing the command at the command prompt, from toolbar buttons, shortcut keyscommand aliasesfrom the ReadCommandFile command, or using the Paste command into Rhino's command stream.

Write command macros just as you would type the command sequence at the command line. A space between characters or a new line act like pressing Enter at the command line. Causes the command to repeat automatically without pressing Enter to restart. An exclamation point! At other locations, it cancels the macro. If necessary, the exclamation point can be used at the end of the macro.

Rhino can be localized in many languages. The non-English versions will have commands, prompts, command options, dialog boxes, menus, etc. English commands will not work in these versions. For scripts written in English to work on all computers regardless of the language of Rhinothe scripts need to force Rhino to interpret all commands as English command names. But in the French version of Rhino, this won't work. Instead you need one of these macros:.

All commands can be made into macros at the command line even commands that have dialog boxes by default. To suppress the dialog box and use command-line options, prefix the command name with a hyphen. View and construction plane manipulation and object snaps are nestable. Geometry creation commands are not nestable. One-shot object snaps and sub-object picking filters are automatically nestable and do not require an apostrophe.

If the first character in a toolbar macro is not "! Suppresses command options for clutter free command feedback.

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The options still work as usual. Lines beginning with a semicolon ; are not part of the macro, but let you document the macro or try alternative input. The spaces between the entries are the same places you would press Enter when typing the command by hand.One of the key features of RhinoScript that make it easy to write powerful scripts is a large library of Rhino specific functions that can be called from scripts. Our python implementation includes a set of similar functions that can be imported and used in any python script for Rhino.

This set of functions is known as the rhinoscript package. Documentation on this package can be found at:. Different… but similar enough that you should be able to figure out what is happening in python if you've written RhinoScript. McNeel Wiki. Site Tools Search. Sidebar Sitemap. Rhino for Windows. Rhino for Mac. Developer Tools. Cloud Zoo. Python rhinoscriptsyntax Module One of the key features of RhinoScript that make it easy to write powerful scripts is a large library of Rhino specific functions that can be called from scripts.

Documentation on this package can be found at: rhinoscriptsyntax reference. Page Tools Show pagesource Old revisions Back to top. A Quadratic Solver in Script. Adding Curvature Circles. Adding Points at Curve Endpoints. Arc Point Distribution. Arraying Points on a Surface.